Jesus’ last meeting with his
followers takes place on a mountain.
This recalls other biblical scenes on
mountains. Elijah experienced God on a
mountain not as the God of storm,
earthquake and fire, but present in a soft
silent breeze (l Kgs 19:11-13). Moses
received his call and the revelation of
the divine namer YAHWEH on a
mountain (Ex 3:1-4.17). So Jesus, too,
reveals himself for the last time to his
disciples on a mountain in Galilee.

One meaning of YAHWEH is “I am
who I am” or “I am who I will be”. God
commits himself to be with his people
and to reveal himself in the course of
their history through his loving
presence and his help. If his people are
faithful to their Covenant, they will
experience his presence in a way that no
other nation has experienced it (Dt 4:7).
The whole history of Israel with its ups
and downs reveals God’s fidelity to his
promise to be with them in spite of their
infidelity (Jgs 2:11; 3:7; 1 Sm 15:19; 1 Kgs
11:6; 14:14; 2 Kgs 30.2; 21:2, etc.). King
Ahaz and his wife are reminded of God’s
commitment to be with his people when
they are promised a child called
Emmanuel, God-with-us (Is 7:14). For
Matthew this promise is fulfilled in Jesus
(Mt 1:23). In the person of Jesus, God’s
Kingdom is present and active in the
lives of his People, if they allow God to
take control of their lives (Mt 4: 17).
Jesus himself promises that he will be
with them wherever two or three are
gathered in his name (Mt 18:20).


Fr Simon Okelezo is a priest of the Archdiocese of Lagos ordained by the former Archbishop of Lagos, His Eminence Anthony Cardinal Okogie. He resumed his assignment at Ave Maria Catholic Church on the 2nd October, 2014 as the first Parish Priest.

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